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Fight Bladder Cancer

Publication date: 2018-04-20 03:30

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6 - 7  Fulvitea  –– It supplies predigested protein peptides to be used by the body to accelerate repair of the liver. When someone is in catabolic wasting, their liver cannot make protein and needs these predigested protein peptides to repair the liver.

When cancer is in the lymph nodes, the lymph system needs extra support.

7 - 8   Nano Red  — Liquid herbal formula that clears lymph nodes as it works to keep the lymph system flowing. Your lymph system has a tremendous amount of work to do during this battle with cancer as it is responsible for carrying dead cancer cells to the liver.

Bladder Cancer | Bladder Cancer Symptoms | MedlinePlus

After you have chosen a urologist to treat your cancer, you will have ample opportunity to ask questions and discuss the treatments available to you.

Bladder Cancer - American Cancer Society

Staging describes the extent of the cancer when it is first found or diagnosed. This includes the depth of invasion of a bladder cancer, and whether or not the cancer is still only in the bladder, or has already spread to tissues beyond the bladder including lymph nodes , or has spread or metastasized to distant organs.

Bladder Cancer Immunotherapy - Cancer Research Institute

Even if the surgeon believes that the entire cancer is removed by the operation, many people who undergo surgery for bladder cancer receive chemotherapy after the surgery. This adjuvant (or in addition ) chemotherapy is designed to kill any cancer cells remaining after surgery and to increase the chance of a cure.

As in most cancers, the chances of recovery are determined by the stage of the disease. Stage refers to the size of the cancer and the extent to which it has invaded the bladder wall and spread to other parts of the body. Staging is based on imaging studies (such as CT scans, X-rays , or ultrasound) and biopsy results. Each stage has its own treatment options and chance for cure. In addition, equally important is the grade of the bladder cancer. High-grade tumors are significantly more aggressive and life threatening than low-grade tumors.

7     Brain Power ––  This oil and herbal formulation gets the brain cells working better which enables them to control the immune system more effectively. Works to support liver function in conjunction with Liver Strength. Especially vital to use when cancer is in the brain as the oils in it are very protective of the brain.

After you complete your treatment, you will undergo a series of tests to determine how well your treatment worked at getting rid of your cancer.

The most important supplements for fighting bladder cancer are the following. These supplements will have a synergy with chemotherapies, helping the chemo produce better results while also reducing side effects. Of course, you can use these to fight cancer without being on chemo, or use them with other treatments you may be doing. 

See how the rates of new bladder cancers or bladder cancer deaths changed over time for the entire United States and individual states.

These are factors you can do something about. You can stop smoking , learn to avoid workplace chemical exposures, or change your diet. You cannot do anything about the following risk factors for bladder cancer:

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Fight Bladder Cancer Bladder cancer and best treatment

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