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In these two games, Mario receives not only the Hammer, but the Super Hammer and Ultra Hammer as he progresses through the adventure. In Paper Mario , the Super Hammer is found in Dry Dry Ruins , and the Ultra Hammer is found in Mt. Lavalava. In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door , the Super Hammer is given by Podler in Glitzville , who in turn received it from Jolene , and the Ultra Hammer is found in Rogueport , but Mario must use Spring Jump to get it.

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During the bonus minigames after most stage areas, Wanda the fairy will hold a hammer rather than her usual wand and be able to whack Wario 's plane for coins. She can collect forty coins before he flees.

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The action command for the hammer is the same: the player should press the button when the hammer shakes. If the babies are carried by the Mario Bros. during battle, the player must press a Mario bro's button to lift up the baby, then press his baby button.

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Hammers reappear in Mario Party 9 in the minigame, Spike Strike , where players have to defeat the giant Spike using hammers. There is also one golden hammer for each round. If a character uses it, that character will earn three points, while iron ones are worth one.

In battle, Mario or Luigi can do more damage by pressing their button when the hammer shakes this attack has a chance of stunning the victim. Hammers are also used to counterattack certain foes' attacks.

In Mario & Luigi: Dream Team , a Brock in Mushrise Park lost his hammers that he was supposed to use to smash rocks for his boss, Brickle , and ordered new ones. When Mario and Luigi found the lost hammers, he let the Bros. keep them. Also, after this point in the game, the player can go to shops and buy hammers like the Run-down Hammer and the So-So Hammer.

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In battle, Jump attacks can not work on every single enemy, so the Hammer is introduced as an alternative. It works on fire, spiked, and high defense enemies and is always stacked damage, but it cannot reach airborne or ceiling-bound targets. With a special badge , Hammer Throw , it can be used on all enemies.

In Paper Mario it is given by Goompa after finding him and his Hammer lost in the bushes. Jr. Troopa is the first one lucky enough to be tested on. Spy Guys also have Hammers, and these hammer attacks can cause Mario to lose one of his Action commands for about five or four turns. In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door it is a default weapon and it is degraded again into a normal Hammer. The first Hammers in this series are wooden.

In Super Paper Mario , with the help of the Pixl Cudge , every character can attack with a Hammer if the character is on the ground. Also in this game, Dark Mario can use a hammer to attack the player.

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Hammer Strength Plate-Loaded | Life Fitness Hammer machine shop plans

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